Turning Employees into Communicators; Creating a Culture of Innovation

Plus: Skills That A Team Player Must Have

8 Personalities to Look for When Assembling a Content Team. Taskmaster, Grammar Geek, Wordsmith and Artist.

johndeveney_headsho400Are you using influencer marketing yet? You should be. Influencer campaigns are a key element of innovative marketing initiatives.

Learn the basics and jump-start your strategy in this special webinar led by John Deveny of DEVENEY PR, named one of PRWeek’s Top 5 Boutique PR Firms in 2016, You’ll learn: 

  • Why research shows influencer campaigns are a niche discipline you must use
  • How to identify influencers that are the correct fit for your organization’s message
  • Effective strategies for working with a digital influencer, including budgeting and setting realistic expectations
  • How to define evaluation metrics to determine the success of any influencer campaign

Don’t miss Mastering Influencer Marketing: How to Find and Manage the Best Influencers for Your Brand

Webinar next Wed., Nov. 16, 12-1 PM ET. Attend with your team.

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Creating a culture of innovation. Link Transparent internal communications is key to designing a desired culture.

8 Personalities to Look for When Assembling a Content Team. Link Taskmaster, Grammar Geek, Wordsmith and Artist.

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How to turn employees into communicators. Link Internal comms needs to rewrite their job description.

Skills That A Team Player Must Have. Link Reliable, constructive listener, shares and participates actively.

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November 10, 2016

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