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About Us


How’s Your Balancing Act?

Being a professional communicator requires balance.

You have to make smart decisions and pick the best strategy while juggling all the projects being thrown at you daily. You need to stay abreast of trends, issues and best practices in the field, but you really don’t have the time or budget to fly off to a conference or workshop.

Communitelligence is your place for communication intelligence. Here you can learn and develop essential skills, tactics and strategies by tapping into the knowledge and experience of the world’s top business communication experts and colleagues.

Each month, we add to our curated library of online on-demand classes on all the key disciplines. These include crisis, internal communication, intranets, marketing, measurement, leadership, public relations and social media.

Communitelligence Premier members have access to the complete library of engaging, top-quality webinar courses taught by the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners and experts in their fields. You can also purchase courses individually as needed. You can learn from any computer, tablet or mobile device at your pace anytime.

Our mission is to become the leading resource for organizational communication professionals worldwide by staying focused on the most important and critical principles, issues and trends. We do this by seriously listening, watching and experiencing what’s happening in this fast-evolving field. We also consult so we eat our own dog food.

No matter where you are in your career, get the essential skills and knowledge edge you need to succeed by plugging into Communitelligence.

So get your balancing act together and sharpen your thinking, focus your actions and improve your skills.

Browse our courses. Join a workshop. Become a Premier member. Subscribe to the Comm-Digest newsletter.

And if you are a practitioner or expert with something to share, become a Communitelligence instructor.

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