Why Distance Still Matters to Teams; The Most Important Skill You Should Master

Plus: How to Think, Talk and Innovate Like a Leader. This week's intel for corporate communicators.

First, a Twitter wannabe … 

What is Mastodon? The new social network vying to be the next Twitter ow.ly/uQ3i30aBQMB 500 character limit

And what is your side hustle? …

  • 5 Reasons to Boost Your Career with Side Projects ow.ly/5yVW30aCK9w Cultivating a portable reputation.

This week’s need-to-know intel for busy business communicators …

  • This Article Won’t Change Your Mind ow.ly/jZPo30al0rO Why it’s so hard to persuade people that you’re right, they’re not.

  • Why Are Simple Marketing Messages the Most Impactful? ow.ly/U8cf30agzyu Video and interview.

  • 50 Video Marketing Stats to Help You Create a Winning Social Media Strategy ow.ly/YyLf30alclX 10 billion videos/day on Snapchat.

  • Why distance still matters to teams — and what to do about it. ow.ly/VPzi30al2vm Arrange coffee dates.

  • How to Spot the Signs That You Are An Uninspiring Leader ow.ly/LGlM30aks7J Is anyone presenting new ideas? Or status quo 24/7/365?

  • Web 3.0? ow.ly/Ti0a30akrlS The Third Wave is about coffee (and most everything) becoming… artisanal.

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April 13, 2017

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