50 first dates: Why digital marketing is so bad; What I learned from 10 years of doing PR for Apple

Plus: 22 Experts Tell How to Know if Your Content Marketing Works.

Email is slowly dying. No, really it is. Multi-channel internal communication is now real.

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What I Learned From 10 Years of Doing PR for Apple. Five lessons on the craft of communications.

22 Experts Tell How to Know if Your Content Marketing Works. The goal is not to be good at content.

50 first dates: Why digital marketing is so bad. 3 fundamental areas hurt campaigns.

8 Ways to Use Pokémon Go for Business. Request a PokéStop for Your Business?

3 Major Marketing Insights From Pokemon Go. It’s neither a “smartphone” game nor a “real life” game.

8 writing lessons from Michelle Obama’s DNC speech. Visual words and the power of three.

12 Ways to Totally Ruin Your Communication Strategy. Don’t see the business through the eyes of your audience.

4 Powerful Rules to Create Employee and Customer Word-of-Mouth Programs That Work. Leverage and influence.

4 Ways CEOs Can Create an Effective PR Strategy. Be involved in the process and let the CEO voice be heard.

Open-plan offices are bad for workers and bosses. Both productivity and employee peace of mind suffer.

Why Influencers Are Increasingly Important in 2016. They’re the quickest path to biggest audience.

Welcome to the meeting, Mrs. Chief Digital Officer. Digital Transformation Is Not Science Fiction Anymore.

How to Find the Best Pieces of Content in Your Industry. Good overview of buzz metrics.

What 51 Million Pieces of Content Say About Your Social Media Marketing. Engagement 10X higher on Instagram.

New technology does not appear to help people work more effectively. 2 areas of improvement.

Five Ways to Overcome Digital Workplace Hurdles. Be fast and flexible & embrace mobility.

Your Digital Workplace Mid-Year Health Check. Ask your people these questions about process & tech pain points.

New Data: How Employee Disengagement Is Costing Enterprises Billions. Affects revenue and time to market.

Mission Possible: Seven 007 Tactics to Fire Up Employee Engagement

Webinar Thursday, Aug. 4, 1-2:15 PM Eastern

In this webinar, I’ll deliver seven 007 employee engagement strategies (with my tip sheet) that have hit the target for me and the organizations I’ve worked for.

I’ll be sharing:

  • Through a case study, attendees will learn about tools that help develop feedback via research which can then be used to outline employee perceptions/opinions and align them to business goals to accomplish your company’s goals
  • Tactics that using a variety of forums including one way and two way communications and other venues.
  • Techniques to engage employees to become more dedicated to your company’s mission through personal growth opportunities and by effectively using supervisor forums for open dialogue.
In addition to these objectives, attendees will walk away with a 007, 7-point tip sheet with a with a link to references.

Here’s the full description of what I will be sharing

Paula L. Pedene, APR, Fellow PRSALed by: Paula L. Pedene, APR, Fellow PRSA, was named the 2015 PRSA PR Pro of the Year for her whistle blowing activities and public relations guidance in collaborating with Dr. Sam Foote in exposing the VA wait time scandal.

She is a senior public relations advisor and counselor for government, small business and non-profit entities.

Attend Mission Possible: Seven 007 Tactics to Fire Up Employee Engagement

Registration includes live webinar with Q&A  plus handout and unlimited access to course after the event. Attend with your team.

Finally, you’re at the table. But are you influential?

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Finally, a course designed to help you build the bosses trust and be heard instead of ignored at the big meetings.
We meet online for an hour weekly. Part 1 of this 5-part online course is free and available now. Log in and watch




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August 3, 2016

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