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How To Develop a Strategic Mindset and Become a More Influential Adviser | Comunitelligence

How To Develop a Strategic Mindset and Become a More Influential Adviser


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This program will teach you how to be…more influential, more interesting, more memorable, more important … and how to have the kind of top-level relationships and access you need to be a trusted adviser.

Learning Goals

  • Goal 1: Enhancing your role as a trusted strategic advisor to management during tough, touchy, sensitive situations: getting asked in and back earlier.
  • Goal 2: Moving senior communicators and communications managers and all staff functions to the next level of strategic sophistication; guiding management through the communication, leadership, and organizational issues that arise, especially when adversity strikes.
  • Goal 3: Understanding what leaders want from staff functions; how to give advice managers and leaders will act on.
  • Goal 4: Getting heard and remembered by always saying and recommending things that matter
  • Goal 5: Directly address the issues, questions, and scenarios raised by attendees

“My intention in designing this course is to truly help each attendee understand what strategy is and what being strategic really means. Participants will be asked to leave all of their professional assumptions about public relations, communications, business, and other topics outside the classroom so together we can begin anew, building a critical understanding of the strategic mindset and learning how to work and think in the context of strategy the key to being a more trusted strategic advisor.”

Author, speaker, counselor, James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, is among America’s most well-known, quoted, prolific and important crisis and leadership recovery experts. He is president of The Lukaszewski Group Division of Risdall Marketing Group and his trademark is America’s Crisis Guru ®.The author of twelve books on Crisis Management and Leadership recovery Lukaszewski has been a confidential consultant to many CEO’s, their legal counsel (during litigation) and staff advisors. Mr. Lukaszewski has also published hundreds of articles and monographs. He lectures (corporate, college and university), teaches, counsels, and is a sought after public speaker. An accredited member of the (IABC) International Association of Business Communicators (ABC) and the (PRSA) Public Relations Society of America (APR), Mr. Lukaszewski is also a member of the PRSA’s College of Fellows (Fellow PRSA) and Member Emeritus of PRSA’s Board of Ethics & Professional Standards. Corporate Legal Times listed him as “One of 28 counselors to call when all-hell breaks loose.” Google James E. Lukaszewski and you’ll see more than 70,000 entries. Visit his e911 web site.

Questions this course will answer:

Are you a strategic thinker?

  • Do you ask goal-focused questions?
  • Do you recommend the most useful incremental actions
  • Are you options (rather than solutions) driven?
  • Can you provide truly strategic insight?
  • Can you talk, think and recommend in a strategic context?
  • Do you use management language rather than PR speak?
  • Do you know how to get to the table?
  • Do you know how to stay at the table?
  • Do you know what to do once you get to the table?
  • Do you know how to get better control of the boss?
  • How much influence do you really have?
  • Do you know the four questions to ask yourself before giving strategic advice?

Why should your boss listen to you?Are you trustworthy?

  • What are the limits to your trustworthiness?
  • Are you interested in becoming more influential?
  • Are you a verbal visionary?
  • Do you have adequate access to the boss?
  • Can you put your boss’s interests ahead of everything else?
  • Can you tell the boss what needs to be said?
  • Can you tell the boss what needs to be known?
  • Can you truly develop a management perspective?
  • Can you think strategically?
  • Can you analyze and apply the lesson of patterns?
  • Can you advise constructively?
  • Can you show the boss how to use your advice?

Includes handout with these valuable resources:

 Becoming a Verbal Visionary  “Defining Crisis: It’s All About Victims” from Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication, What Your CEO Should Know About Reputation Risk and Crisis Management  Ingredients of Leadership  “Leaders and Their Advisors” An introduction to Why Should the Boss Listen to You, The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor  Strategy Newsletter #1: Let’s Get Serious About Strategy  Strategy Newsletter #2: How to Develop the Mind of a Strategist  Strategy Newsletter #3: How Managers Make Strategic Decisions  Strategy Newsletter #4: How to Become a Strategic Player  Strategy Newsletter #17: Becoming a Strategic Counselor  Strategy Newsletter #28: Control Your Own Destiny: Corrections & Clarifications

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