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Five Best Principles for Social Media | Comunitelligence

Five Best Principles for Social Media


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Simplify Your Social Media Strategies and Relations (and now….Breathe) 

Q: What if you had five simple principles you could apply to all your social media initiatives instead of chasing after all those “best practices” and the coolest, newest tools, and then trying to mash them up to meet your specific situation?

A: You could confidently face your social media planning, campaigns or learning without panic, feeling overwhelmed or behind the curve. Linda will simplify your life and arm you with just five principles that you can apply as “universal truths” in implementing social media. These five principles can act as your “check list” and be your guide whether you are trying to learn about social media, are embarking on engaging in social media relations or are building out a social media strategy.

We aren’t saying you won’t have work to do afterwards, but it will be clearer what social media work is the right work. If you ever asked yourself “how to I get started in social media?” “what social media tools should we be using?” “how do I keep up on it all?” or “how do I stop all the social media noise in my head?” purchase this webinar replay and start simplifying your life – really.

What You Will Learn:

  • The difference between social media “best practices” and “best principles.”
  • Why relying on best principles is better than continually searching for best practices.
  • The five principles anyone can apply to be effective in doing social media relations, creating a social media strategy or learning about social media
  • What is truly necessary to focus on to be successful in social media.
  • Learn about at least ten resources that will simplify your social media life or learning.
  • How to decide on the best social media tools to use.
  • How to bring your newsroom into the social media century.
  • At least one way to convince your boss on the value of using social media.
  • Why you need a Creative Commons copyright license.
  • How to limit the “social media” noise that can confuse you and your efforts and help you stay focused on what’s really important.

Presented by: 

lzimmer72dpiLinda Zimmer is a digital media consultant and modern marketing strategist, serving an international clientele. She specializes in assisting organizations in benefiting from, managing and innovating with new media for marketing, communications and internal and external collaboration. Linda is CEO of Marcom:Interactive, sits on the Advisory Board of Web Wise Kids, and is a consulting council analyst for the Gerson Lehrman Group. She is founder of the Modern Media Institute, a professional development institute for new media practices (launching September 2008) and she regularly trains public agencies for the State of California. She currently is an advisory board member for the Extension University at California State University, Fullerton on developing Web 2.0 curriculum. Ms. Zimmer has more than 25 years of experience in applying emerging media to organizational issues. During her career she has provided digital services to many of the Fortune 100/500 companies and Internet startups; the FDA, U.S. Forestry Services, and U.S. cities and counties; non-profits of all sizes; colleges and universities, and entertainment properties. Linda serves as a resource to the news media and she publishes extensively on the Web.


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