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Executive Podcasting 101: Everything You Need to Know | Comunitelligence

Executive Podcasting 101: Everything You Need to Know


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Forward-thinking marketing and public relations executives are using the power of podcasting to communicate directly with their key audiences via the Net. Find out what podcasts are and how you can put them to work for your organization. This webinar, led by the producer and host of the popular podcast On the Record…Online, will take you through the process in five easy steps, to arm you with the knowledge you need to evaluate and decide how to integrate this effective, efficient channel into your marketing or communications program.

Learning Topics:

  • The ABCs of Podcasting: what podcasts are and where they came from, how to use them, popular formats and lengths, how to measure and monitor them, and more
  • Getting started: the equipment you’ll need, where to find freeware and commercial podcasting software, and troubleshooting staples
  • Production tips: how to conduct and record live and phone interviews, what freeware to use to edit your podcast, and how to find podcasts through directories and search engines
  • Business case studies: Hear excerpts from leading business podcasts, and learn how Disney and IBM use podcasts to promote events and thought leadership
  • Marketing your podcast: Get a primer on RSS-enabling and uploading your podcast, learn how to launch a blog to distribute your podcast, and get valuable leads on how to promote your feed.


Eric Schwartzman [PHOTO] is a corporate communications adviser to multinationals, multilaterals, global nonprofits, the military, federal government agencies and foreign governments who enjoys mentoring corporate communications professionals.

He is also founder and CEO of Comply Socially, which helps staff at McKesson, HP, US Dept. of State, Discovery Education and others use digital communications technology to organize employee and influencer advocacy campaigns.

Mr. Schwartzman is digital savvy, creative and driven corporate communications leader with an entrepreneurial work ethic and a passion for mentoring and being of service to others.

He is also the best-selling coauthor of Social Marketing to the Business Customer.


“Eric makes it easy to understand how to use podcasts to communicate to your key audiences.” Ava Gutierrez, media relations director, County of Los Angeles
“Just the right amount of information — not too technical and applicable specifically for creating a podcast campaign.” Sarah Prinster, director of marketing, Savi Technology
“… a must for any marketing or PR exec who wants to get up to speed with podcasting.” Sally Falkow, APRP, Expansion Plus


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