Females do all the work (& our other top tweets of 2016)

Plus: Why Social Media Is the Perfect PR Channel.

Virtual Reality In The Enterprise. The possibilities are limitless. Article mentions Ford and Floored as two early adopters. For much more on VR follow Robert Scoble on Facebook.

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Before we get started …

  • Scientists gave squirrels fitness trackers and found that males are lazy and females do all the work. ow.ly/TSD8304QRpK I kinda, sorta, have-ta agree with this. So does my wife. What say you?

Back to work. These were the most popular tweets we shared in 2016 (with commentary):

  • The Impact of an Effective Internal Communication on Customer Satisfaction ow.ly/ZTgMv According to Towers Watson’s yearly survey, effective internal communication has +47% impact on returns to shareholders That is why company culture and internal communications are so critical – they align individual jobs to the company goals, transmit the company values and message, and engage and motivate the employees.

  • Virtual Reality In The Enterprise. The possibilities are limitless. ow.ly/ZGH5q Article mentions Ford and Floored as two early adopters. For much more follow Robert Scoble on Facebook.

  • What Successful Marketing Looks Like Today: 8 Foundational Principles ow.ly/cTQt305bWvj [Infographic]

  • Employee Engagement In The Digital Age ow.ly/4mUiyK Social media can be a great way to humanize an organization.

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  • Why Social Media Is the Perfect PR Channel. ow.ly/H1tq301iqjN It’s about showing, not selling; earning, not buying.

  • Younger and older workers share many of the same attitudes to the workplace. ow.ly/k6xP301mGgZ When it comes to ‘essential’ items, the top three are the same for both teens and today’s workforce – pens, printer and paper. Surprising? Comment

  • How digitally capable is your organization? ow.ly/vr5R100tgDy Jane McConnell’s annual study answers the question: what does it mean to be an organization in the digital age?Good to test your org as digital will soon be business as usual.

  • What I Learned From 10 Years of Doing PR for Apple ow.ly/zMDR302JGva Corporate Communicator Cameron Craig gleans his time at Apple for nuggets of wisdom. At the top of his list, what else? Keep it simple.

  • Creating a culture of innovation ow.ly/wsOV100od3V Interesting that transparent internal communications is a key to designing a desired culture.

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  • 12 Ways to Engage Every Employee ow.ly/vG25300NNMm Build app-based services to incorporate HR programs into an employee’s daily life.

  • 17 Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2017 ow.ly/4UxG307csh9 The big ones are interactive content, mobile video, livestreaming, chatbots.

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January 5, 2017

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