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Twitter for Business? The ABC's of Micro-sharing | Comunitelligence

Twitter for Business? The ABC’s of Micro-sharing


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As Twitter takes off as a branding tool there is an overriding sense of uncertainty. What is the set of tools (video, text, photo, audio, search, clients, etc.) that comprise microsharing? What does it do? What can we use it for? How do we reach our audience here? How is this different? How can we measure success? How do we govern it? What works?  Smart businesses understand how best to approach the microsharing opportunity. In this webinar, we’ll learn and develop standards of excellence, authenticity and engagement that will work for your organization.

Testimonial: “At first I thumbed my nose because Twitter struck me as a mile wide and an inch deep; but Pistachio knew her stuff and quickly engaged me with relevant material.”

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the territory and shortcut your learning curve
  • Innovate productive, valuable, profitable uses of microsharing
  • Save time and money
  • Avoid damaging mistakes
  • Be engaging, genuine and use the medium to its fullest
  • (and… have fun doing it!)

Questions Answered:

  • Landscape for business use of Twitter and microsharing generally
  • How to think about brand opportunities in microsharing
  • What’s on the horizon? What trends should we watch for next

Who Should Purchase 

  • Brands …engage more deeply with their consumers and markets in strategic and powerful ways that microsharing makes possible. 
  • Individuals …build your network, access better professional relationships, faster knowledge-sharing and leveraged problem-solving. Microsharing is particularly valuable for Executives, sales and marketing professionals, consultants, freelancers and celebrities. 
  • Anyone … develop dynamic and engaging “behind the scenes” personalities, content, sneak-previews and other genuinely engaging “teaser” content during the normal process of producing your product. 

Presented by:

marc-headshot-fitton2Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton is one of the first prominent “microbloggers,” with roughly 6,500 readers on Twitter. An early beta tester of Seesmic and Qik, she connects people to new ideas and innovations using all the tools of microsharing. Her innovative use of social media has also gotten the attention of the top minds in technology, as profiled by Naked Conversations author Shel Israel for his Global Survey. Laura has also been quoted in The New York Times Magazine, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, The LA Times,,, CIO Magazine, CNET, ZDNet and many other magazines, publications, web shows and blogs. She speaks at technology conferences, private industry and guest lectures at Bentley College. Laura is a magna cum laude graduate of Cornell University’s eclectic College Scholar program. In “past lives” she studied science writing with Carl Sagan, rock climbed, sailed on a schooner, raised a niece, ran a hobby farm, traveled and lived abroad. Today she lives in Boston with two toddler daughters and a giant Leonberger. She practices Ashtanga yoga and plays ice hockey in her “spare” time, and is a stroke survivor dedicated to raising awareness.


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