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Making Your Intranet Essential: Where to Spend Your Energy and Money | Comunitelligence

Making Your Intranet Essential: Where to Spend Your Energy and Money


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This session is based on findings from the 3rd annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey conducted in the second part of 2008 with 226 enterprises around the world. 22% of the participants said the intranet was “the way of working” in their organisations. This doubled from 11% in the previous year. How are these intranets different in terms of role, strategy, content & services and management? This session will give you ideas for your own intranet action plans, and facts & figures you can use in your intranet business cases.

What You Will Learn:

  • How leading intranets are positioned and perceived within their organisations.
  • How governance is defined: strategy documents, steering committees, decision-making.
  • Content strategies, collaboration and the integration of social media.
  • The future role of “intranet managers” within their organisations.
  • The hottest topics and real concerns in 2009
  • And much more

Presented by: 

janemcconnellfull.120Jane McConnell is an intranet and portal strategy specialist. She founded NetStrategy/JMC in 2001 and works primarily with companies and organisations with complex intranets and challenges. McConnell’s expertise is the following areas: positioning and strategy roadmaps for intranets and portals, governance and intranet management issues, customisation strategies as well as how social media concepts applied internally can bring value to organisations. More information about services and references can be found on McConnell initiated the Annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey in 2006, and publishes the annual results each October in the Global Intranet Trends Report. In 2008, 226 organisations around the world participated. She writes the column “International Intranets” for the magazine “Intranets: Enterprise Strategies and Solutions” (Information Today). She is co-author of “L’avantage internet pour l’entreprise”, the first marketing and communication-based internet business book for senior executives in France (Dunod,1996), and contributing author to “L’intranet dans tous ses etats” – (IQ Collectif, 2004). She publishes regularly on the blog “Globally Local & Locally Global”. She can be found at netjmc on Twitter and started up the Twitter group “Intranetwatch” in 2008. Based in the south of France, McConnell has a working base in Paris and travels to client locations primarily in Europe and North America. “It was good to hear that independent research confirms the direction we’re taking with our intranet and some of the processes we’ve already put in place.” 


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