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Engage – Don’t Enrage! Secrets to Successful Social Enterprise | Comunitelligence

Engage – Don’t Enrage! Secrets to Successful Social Enterprise


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Do your employees actually care about your company intranet? Is it an interactive place for thoughts, innovation and value? Or is it a parking-place for company memos and meaningless information?

Learn how you can engage and inspire your organization by listening to what your people want and delivering content that they love.

And if you do it right, you can impact company performance, efficiency, branding and a host of other factors.

Learning Topics

Three “C’s” to adopt when building a social strategy: Content, Culture and Conversation

Crafting great content based on four buckets that are meaningful to most audiences:

  1. Incentives, products and services
  2. Operational, supportive and efficiency-driving content
  3. Branding content that creates influencers
  4. Compelling and “fun” aspects that keeps them coming back

Learning Goals

An understanding of key approaches that will give your content more eyeballs and engagement – supported by examples of how content influenced company performance, employee sentiment, sales and other important factors.

Who This Course is Designed For

Mid-level and senior communicators interested in making a quantifiable impact with communications.


SHANE-MCLAUGHLINShane McLaughlin is a seasoned communications and marketing leader and change agent with 10 years in the FORTUNE 200 and 10 years before that in the publishing industry.

Shane leads content for one of the largest social extranets in the world, employing a progressive strategy that drives value for 1 million users while also driving performance, sentiment, efficiency and branding for the organization.


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