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Make Internal Videos that People Actually Watch | Comunitelligence

Make Internal Videos that People Actually Watch


Time requirement: 1 hour. Purchase includes unlimited access to course with webinar recording.


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Think about the type of video content you consume outside of work. Now, compare that to the video content you see in the workplace. Are they drastically different? They shouldn’t be. In most cases, your internal videos aren’t required viewing. You’re competing for your audience’s discretionary time. It has to be worth their time, every time. Fortunately, there are some basic components of consumption and creation in the outside world that also apply internally. Understanding those components will lead you down a path of creating internal videos that people actually watch. And yes, it’s scalable. And no, it’s not too expensive.

Learning Topics

  • Video consumption truths and trends
  • Defining your video’s purpose
  • The importance of a serial approach
  • Establishing your video’s personality and POV
  • Working with what you already have
  • An efficient approval process

Who the course is designed for

This course is designed for corporate and employee communicators, or anyone using or considering video as a medium

Led by

Mark-KraynakMark Kraynak is Senior Manager, Comms & Editorial Content at PayPal with 15 years of content-related experience ranging from TV news photography to sports reporting to managing a creative services team. He is also a part-time sports radio talk show host. He’s worked at the local, regional and global level in the broadcast, sports, telecommunications and financial services industries, and has won multiple industry awards. Through those various assignments, Mark has literally helped produce more than 1,000 videos, and has discovered fundamental truths about what works and what doesn’t. When he’s not busy traveling or appreciating the subtle nuances of coffee, chili or IPA, he’s trying to make sure his two young children become awesome people. A lifelong Nebraskan, Mark has a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with specializations in English, Spanish and Political Science.



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