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Mastering Influencer Marketing; Communicators as Leaders | Comunitelligence

Mastering Influencer Marketing; Communicators as Leaders

Plus: Why you need to think strategically about Internal Communications.

6 Tips to Double the Success of Your Video Marketing Campaign. Start with a story people care about.

Need-to-know intel for busy business communicators | Oct. 14, 2016 Subscribe to CommDigest newsletter

Communicators as Leaders – Overcoming the Barriers. Link Time to be brave.

Creating and Enabling Ongoing Employee Dialogs. Link Feedback cannot be treated as an after-thought.

Every Company Needs An Innovation Tool Kit. Link Innovation comes in different sizes.

6 Tips to Double the Success of Your Video Marketing Campaign. Link Start with a story people care about.

The Future Of Work: Companies Use Marketing Tools To Create A Compelling Employee Experience. Link Design thinking in the workplace.

7 Simple Social Media Marketing Improvements. Link Sync your website and social media to coordinate your efforts.

40 Inspirational Marketing Quotes to Motivate Your Selling. Link “I know that half my ad dollars are wasted.”

Great employees have well-developed political skills. Link Survey from 278 employees.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Digital Communication In The Workplace. Link DON’T forget importance of privacy & sensitivity.

The Smart Office: How Connected Tech is Redefining the Workplace. Link It’s all responsive.

Gamification and Social Driving Employee Collaboration And Marketing. Link Bluewolf gamifIes its “Chatter” tool.

The Key Leadership Skill that Steve Jobs and Ben Franklin Share. Link Spoiler: it’s collaboration.

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The Benefits of Mindfulness for Communications Pros Spin Sucks. Link Cultivate awareness of your environment.

Why you need to think strategically about Internal Communications. Link You need to move beyond just communicating strategy.

How Budweiser Adjusted to Digital Marketing and Why They’re Killing It! Link Salute!

A Simple Approach to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy. Link Answer big-picture questions.

Powerful Calls to Action: How to Get Your Reader to Take the Next Step. Link emphasize benefits, not features.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing. Link It has benefits beyond revenue.

Webinar Nov. 16, 12 Noon ET 

Mastering Influencer Marketing: How to Find and Manage the Best Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer campaigns are a key element of innovative marketing initiatives.

Join John Deveney, a national leader in strategic marketing and communication, as he shares how to find top influencers for your brand and outlines what should be expected from start to finish.

Walk away with tips, research and recent case studies that will help you understand budgeting resources and establishing evaluation metrics for your influencer campaign.

Learning Topics

  • Why research shows influencer campaigns are a niche discipline you must use
  • How to identify influencers that are the correct fit for your organization’s message
  • Effective strategies for working with a digital influencer, including budgeting and setting realistic expectations
  • How to define evaluation metrics to determine the success of any influencer campaign
  • Read more

Registration includes live webinar with Q&A  plus handout and unlimited access to course after the event. Attend with your team.



October 14, 2016

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