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Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times | Comunitelligence

Employee Engagement in Turbulent Times


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An engaged workforce is a cultural transformation which must stand the test of time, in both boom and recessionary times.  This presentation reinforces the key steps necessary to sustain an engaged culture, improve business results, maintain credibility with employees, while also reinforcing that success involves the “mutual commitment” of both leadership and employees. Bob’s 10 essential steps of engagement are culled from his years of experience working as an internal practitioner, leading engagement initiatives that transformed corporate cultures. These best practices will help firms minimize disengagement while also putting in place steps to maximize employee engagement – the key to capturing discretionary effort.  Having been in the trenches in other economic downturns, the presenter will reinforce the need to stay the course, while reminding all that  “employees are watching” and “words” alone will not foster an engaged workforce.

  • “I learned a lot and got some great ideas. It was very thought provoking.”
  • “Good information that I can share with my colleagues.”
  • “Good tools and resources sited. Good to hear of a systematic approach.”

Learning Topics

  • 10 Key Engagement Steps To Drive Business Results
  • Specific Data to make a Business Case for Engagement
  • Practical Tools to help in your engagement efforts
  • How to show a ROI on your Engagement Efforts

Questions That Will Be Answered

  • How can leaders deal with the growing ranks of the disengaged
  • How can I convince my leadership team that we need to focus on employee engagement
  • How can I prove that employee engagement drives business results

Who Should Attend

  • HR and OD professionals, along with other key individuals responsible for human capital development
  • Communication professionals
  • Key executives and other professionals responsible for “leading people’

Presented by:

Bob_K_Head_Shot120Bob Kelleher is the founder and CEO of The Employee Engagement Group (, and is a noted speaker, thought leader, and consultant on the subjects of Employee Engagement, Workforce Trends, and Leadership, and often travels the globe giving presentations to and consulting with leadership teams. Having been an internal practitioner for many years, Bob’s practical approach and willingness to share best practices (“been there / done that”) have proven to be a winning formula for audiences throughout the world. Before opening his own consulting business, Bob was the Chief Human Capital Officer for AECOM, a Fortune 500 global professional services firm, with 45,000 employees located in 450 offices throughout the world. Before joining AECOM in 2005, Bob worked for ENSR International, a Massachusetts based 2,300 employee environmental consulting firm with 70 worldwide offices, and now a subsidiary of AECOM. While at ENSR, Bob was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and spearheaded ENSR’s award winning Employee Engagement programs and initiatives. Bob actively participates in various industry roundtables and associations, and is often a guest speaker on Employee Engagement, Workforce Trends, and Leadership at industry conferences and annual strategic planning meetings. He is a featured “Thought Leader” on / within the area of Employee Engagement. He holds a BS in Education and an MBA.


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