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Brainstorming Your Social Media Strategy from the Inside Out | Comunitelligence

Brainstorming Your Social Media Strategy from the Inside Out


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Sometimes it’s good to step back and have someone help you re-think your strategy.  That’s why we asked Christopher Barger, author of the new book, Social Media Strategist, to peel back the social media strategy onion. He has labored in the social media trenches at two big corporations (IBM and GM). He knows the potholes to avoid and the things you can’t skip over. In this special webinar he will be sharing the critical questions, decisions and maneuvers you must choreograph to bring true business value to your social media efforts. Don’t miss this no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase learning event, and if possible, attend with your entire team. What You Will Learn:

  • Who should own social media
  • What internal potholes keep most social media efforts from truly taking off
  • What departments and roles are critical to create a social marketing power team
  • What are are the seven elements to a winning social media program for corporations and organizations
  • Why organizations need to become content publishers to succeed in social media, and what that means
  • How can a big company work effectively with bloggers to get social media results
  • How to build a fire-proof social media crisis team and process
  • How to create well-defined metrics and use the right tools to measure them

Presented by: Christopher_Barger_120Christopher Barger is senior vice president of global programs at Voce Connect. He works with clients around the world to develop and execute social media strategies. Before joining Voce, he built and led GM’s social media program from 2007-2011 where he learned not only about how to build a corporate social program but about managing crises online. Before GM, he was IBM’s first “Blogger-in-Chief” for two years. His book, “The Social Media Strategist,” (McGraw-Hill, fall 2011) focuses on the unique challenges of building a social media program at a large brand or organization. Barger writes “The Social Media Report” for, where he covers the challenges companies are facing as they navigate the social web, trends and emerging technologies as they affect businesses and big brands, and how implementing social web tactics as part of your overall strategy can supplement and enhance your communications and marketing efforts.


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