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Amping Up Employee Engagement via Robust Webcasting | Comunitelligence

Amping Up Employee Engagement via Robust Webcasting


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Keeping a global employee audience aligned and engaged is increasingly tough. More than ever, the pace of change in business is faster than ever. Employees are bombarded with emails, social media messaging and online news stories. Leaders know their job is to help keep employees aligned and engaged, but are hard pressed to get in front of their increasingly global teams on a regular basis.  How does a communicator reconcile the challenges of our fast-paced culture with the communications needs of their organization?

Real-time, “live” webcasting enables leaders to connect globally with employees in a powerful, effective and highly interactive way that engages employees better than written or video  communications.  With a company-wide webcasting platform, that works equally well on traditional and mobile platforms, leaders and teams can have a live “Town Hall” experience that gives global employees the same access and ability to connect as those at headquarters.

A year ago, Autodesk jettisoned multiple webcasting solutions, none of which was leveragable for the whole company, and which took considerable time, money and personnel to implement, for a single, consistent in-house solution with improved capabilities and which all divisions use:  Autodesk on Air

Learning Topics

  • Why webcasting should be part of every organization’s employee communications mix
  • The key steps for implementing a company-wide webcasting platform
  • How to “sell” management on the benefits of webcasting
  • How an in-house companywide webcasting platform democratizes webcasting while saving the company tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Amazing employee engagement improvements after just one year of Autodesk on Air

Learning Goals

  • Case study example of how to implement a robust webcasting platform
  • Demo of Autodesk on Air, Autodesk’s companywide webcasting platform with 10 networks
  • Do’s and Don’ts for a successful implementation
  • How to match webcast styles to the communications style of your leaders

Who this Course is Designed For

  • Employee Communications Managers/Directors (mid-level/advanced)
  • IT Managers (mid-level/advanced)


Michele Wolpe has over 20 years’ experience in leading employee communications at Fortune 500 companies, including The Walt Disney Company, Barclays Global Investors, Charles Schwab, DHL Worldwide Express and Silicon Graphics.  She is currently the Director of Employee Communications at Autodesk, a global software design company headquartered in San Francisco.  She has a BA in French Literature and a Master’s in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is fluent in French and Spanish and is a certified Executive Coach.  She loves employee communications because it helps employees understand and engage with the company they work for and supports leaders in inspiring employees.


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