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Your Coworkers Are Not Your Friends, Down with 9 to 5 | Comunitelligence

Your Coworkers Are Not Your Friends, Down with 9 to 5

Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate Collection. Drown your bosses with metrics.

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Your Coworkers Are Not Your Friends. Colleagues will let you down. It’s nothing personal.

The “9-to-5 job” needs to be a thing of the past. Trust employees to decide how and when they work to build loyalty.

Engaging Millennials with Your Internal Employee Communications. Short, visual and light works best.

Why ‘Modern’ Work Culture Makes People So Miserable. Treating people as human resources comes home to roost.

Tips for responding to a catastrophe via social media. New Chubb advisory.

31 hours/month are being wasted in meetings. How to Overcome Common Social Intranet Objections.

3 steps to building workplace wellbeing with employee engagement.  Give employees a voice.

Organizations with highly effective communication are “4.5 times more likely to have engaged employees. 3 Innovative Concepts To Increase Collaboration In The Workplace

“What do you think?” “I trust you.” Why You Need to Learn How to Speak a Leadership Vocabulary.

Boomerang employees are trending up. Benefits are the key reason employees return to former employers.

Take off your headphones. They hurt innovation and creativity.

Don’t pick up your phone while waiting in line. Is Boredom the Ultimate Creativity ‘Hack’?

Thursday’s Webinar Agenda:

1.     Why creating a manifesto is important with inspirational examples from other companies.

2.     The best way to create your manifesto and who should be involved in this process.

3.     How to facilitate a session to define your values, including what questions you should ask, specific methods for working together and the right environment for the session.

4.     How to share the draft version with all employees and get their input.

5.     The visual ways to share your values to reflect your company’s personality.

6.     How to share the tangible document with your organization and externally.

Creating Your Company’s Culture Manifesto

How and Why You Should Define Your Organization’s Cultural Values

Led by Mollie West, IDEO,

April 21, 1PM ET



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June 21, 2016

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