Sample Workshop Circle manager’s approval letter

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okHere’s a sample memo to customize and send to  your manager for approval to attend a Communitelligence Workshop Circle:

Dear <Manager>:

I have been invited to join a new innovation in professional learning and development   It’s the (insert title) Workshop Circle being offered by Communitelligence and led by (insert leader name). This Workshop Circle starts in (insert month) and includes four 60-minute online meetings via web conference over a month.

I believe this Workshop Circle will allow me to gain practical insights and advice on (insert focus of workshop) from not only (insert leader), who is a leading authority on this topic, but also from a group of professional peers from different industries and locations.

Because each member has an opportunity to present a real-world challenge or problem to the group, I know I’ll bring back to our team actionable ideas on changes and new directions we might take.

And because I’ll be hearing about and helping other Workshop Circle members with their issues, I’ll be sharpening my listening, strategic thinking and consulting skills. My attendance will also give us a unique window on what other organizations are experiencing and how they’re changing, which I can share with our team.

Because each Workshop Circle is limited, I would like to register ASAP. You can see more details of the Workshop Circle I wish to join here (insert link).

The total cost for the conference is $475 with no additional travel or out-of-office impact. Just being able to get expert feedback from (insert leader) alone should be well worth that investment.

Please let me know if you are OK with my Circle registration, and let me know if you would like to discuss this further.



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