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The ABC’s of TV Interviews: Readying Your Boss, Clients and Colleagues for their TV Close-Up | Comunitelligence

The ABC’s of TV Interviews: Readying Your Boss, Clients and Colleagues for their TV Close-Up


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Have you ever watched your client on television and thought: “Oh, my! Look at how many chins he has, and what’s that terrible glare coming off his shirt and forehead? I never noticed in our meetings that he was that heavy. He also looks scared to death – and why does he keep licking his lips?” You tried to coach him on his message. In fact, you did all you could do to help him develop sound bites, and now you can hardly concentrate on the message with the way he looks, because he is doing so many distracting things. This CD will teach you how to effectively coach your clients and colleagues for appearances on TV, both live and prerecorded. It will teach you when and how to offer praise and criticism without being offensive. And it covers how interviewees should dress, posture themselves and provide effective message delivery. Your purchase also includes a slew of extras – at no extra cost! 

Learning Topics:

  • The tricks of the trade to help people appear calm and confident on camera, even if they are not
  • How to look natural — from make-up to body language and movements
  • Tips and techniques to help prevent some of the unexpected distractions that can prohibit your true message from getting out to your audience
  • How to motivate your clients and colleagues to improve their media performances
  • How to tactfully and effectively learn to stress the need for “rehearsal”

TJ answers real-world questions on:

  • Suggestions to get your boss to undergo some training
  • How to convince your CEO to talk to the press
  • Techniques to overcome annoying speech tics
  • How to keep your answers concise and to the point
  • How to provide constructive feedback in a jiffy
  • How not to come off as though you’re dodging a question—even if you are
  • What your executive should bring into a television or radio interview
  • How to prepare an executive for the hard questions


tjwalker_100x137TJ Walker, president of Media Training Worldwide, is one of the world’s leading authorities on media and presentation training. With more than 20 years of media training experience, TJ has trained thousands of CEOs, authors and experts, including Nobel Peace Prize winners, leading government officials in the United States, European prime ministers and African diplomats. He is producer and host of daily audio and video Speakcast broadcasts, covering media and presentation training tips and techniques. A leading corporate trainer, he has personally trained top executives at Unilever, Bank of America, Hess, Allstate Insurance, Charles Schwab, Akzo Nobel, US Trust, Dun and Bradstreet, The Hartford and EMC. He is also the official media trainer of the Miss Universe Organization. TJ is the world’s most widely published and produced media trainer, with more than 50 books, training videos, CDs and software programs to his credit. He has also been a media columnist for Investor Relations Magazine. Additionally, Walker is known internationally for his many years as a political commentator for the Voice of America Radio Network. More than 65,000 readers subscribe to his weekly Media Training Tips Newsletter, including most of the Fortune 500 corporations. He is a frequent news commentator and has appeared often on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Court TV and Bloomberg TV. He also has been a syndicated TV and talk show host, appearing on or hosting more than 2000 TV and radio shows. He has also hosted talk radio shows on seven different networks and has been featured in the New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, CBS radio and most major radio news outlets. Walker was a merit scholar at Duke University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He has lectured or conducted trainings at Yale University, Columbia University and Princeton University. He is also co-leader of the Communitelligence Media Training community and posts a daily video clip on the site. 

Who should Purchase: This practical, information-packed learning opportunity is ideal for public relations professionals, as well as professionals in:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Webcast Marketing
  • Anyone who is associated with television broadcasts
  • College/university libraries and bookstores


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