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Jim is an internationally recognized business advisor, leadership coach, author, speaker and leader of the Jim Shaffer Group. He focuses on improving business performance and managing large scale organizational change. He helps business leaders significantly improve and sustain operating and financial performance while achieving exceptional ROI. His clients have included many Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, Nordstrom, Hallmark, Honeywell, IBM, Kellogg’s, The Mayo Clinic, Marriott, Medtronic, PayPal, Pfizer, 3M, United HealthCare, Verizon and Visa. Jim’s clients and peers describe him as having a unique ability to: View performance issues from a broad, systems perspective; Remove root causes rather than treat symptoms so gains can be sustained; Measurably improve performance in a way that adds net value to the enterprise; Leave a client with stronger leaders and higher performing people. His book, The Leadership Solution, became a classic treatise on leadership and performance. Hailed by leading CEOs as “invaluable for someone wanting to lead an organization into the future,” The Leadership Solution is frequently listed as one of the top “must have” business books on leadership, change management, communication and creating high performance through people.

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