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How Heineken brews its culture; Why Aetna pays employees to sleep | Comunitelligence

How Heineken brews its culture; Why Aetna pays employees to sleep

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Aetna pays employees up to US$500/yr to sleep. But not during office hours.

Jazz your corporate culture with spontaneous dance parties.

Snapchat is NOT for most small to mid-sized businesses. Here’s why.

Business-speak causes employees to disengage. Good leaders speak modern corporate terminology.

Companies can nurture an ethical culture and still be competitive. Leader’s words and actions shape culture daily.

Employees need to understand the purpose of each social media platform your business uses.

How Heineken brews up its corporate culture. Employees are asked: What are you good at? Passionate about? Why do you choose to work here?

Jeff Bezos has 100 billion reasons to like Amazon’s culture. His answer to the New York Times’ blistering article.

The weirdest employee expense claims: New car. Rental home. Toilet paper. Doggie day spa. Taxidermy. Really?

6 Ways Work Will Change In 2016. Less Powerpoint, more video.

The Best Social Listening and Influencer Identification Tools of 2016. Two go for $99/month.

A valued and appreciated employee is happier – and stays. Why a Human-Focused Workplace Is a Happier Workplace.

Research backs up the instinct that walking improves creativity. It frees the mind so get out of the office!

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April 28, 2016

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