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Speak and Present With Power and Persuasion | Comunitelligence

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Speak and Present With Power and Persuasion

Every possible tip and technique to make sure your next presentation is not death by PowerPoint. Speak with power.


Course Curriculum

“Nice” Sells The Speaking Audience 00:00:00
10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking 00:00:00
5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before Giving a Speech 00:00:00
Speaking Wisdom of the Ages 00:00:00
Eliminate Bad PowerPoint 00:00:00
What is the best way to begin my speech? 00:00:00
Tell Stories And They Will Remember What You Said 00:00:00
You’ve Finished Your Speech: Confess Nothing 00:00:00
Wimpy Words And Phrases To Avoid 00:00:00
What To Wear When You Speak 00:00:00
What Is Your Speaking Energy Level? 00:00:00
Using ANGLES to Your Advantage 00:00:00
Use Bold, Action-Oriented Words 00:00:00
There Is Always Time For Anything Important 00:00:00
The Ultimate Speech…The Ask 00:00:00
The REAL Secret to Confident Speaking 00:00:00
The Day I Stripped For My Audience 00:00:00
The Audience’s Bill of Rights 00:00:00
The Cliché of “No Notes” Speaking 00:00:00
The 15-Minute Syndrome 00:00:00
Stemming Stage Fright 00:00:00
Speaking Sense: In Conclusion, Summarize 00:00:00
So, You Want To Be a Comedian 00:00:00
Riffing Through Your Speech 00:00:00
Is Drawing On White Boards And Charts Too Old Fashion For Modern Audiences? 00:00:00
In Conclusion, Summarize 00:00:00
Improve the Lives of Your Audience 00:00:00
Flow Schmo 00:00:00
Faster, Faster, Faster 00:00:00
Don’t Give the Audience the Back of Your Hand 00:00:00
Data Dump BEFORE Your Speech 00:00:00
Concluding Versus Closing 00:00:00
Change Your Pace 00:00:00
Comment With A Question 00:00:00
Bad Habit Speech Creep 00:00:00
Avoid The Weasel Words 00:00:00
Ask these 4 questions before delivering your next speech 00:00:00
Aim For All Three Message Points—In Every Answer 00:00:00

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