Workshop Circle FAQs

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I’m interested in the people who will be participating. Are they senior communication leaders in corporations?

Workshop Circles are attended by managers, directors and VPs of for- and non-profits working in organizational communications, PR and marketing.

How can we ensure that information shared is kept confidential? 

All Workshop Circle meetings are conducted virtually in a private online meeting space only accessible by Circle members. One key Circle rule is that members must keep all conversations confidential and not share specifics of what is shared outside the group.
There are four weekly virtual meetings  over a month for each Workshop Circle. What if I can’t attend all four?
A recording is made of each meeting to allow those who can’t attend to review. The recordings are archived on the private Circle network on Communitelligence.
What if I’d like to try a circle before signing up? Is that possible? 
No, because injecting non-members into a Circle would jeopardize the trust among the group that is so important to genuine sharing and collaboration. But we’ll be happy to arrange a call with the leaders of the Circle/s you are interested in to give  you a flavor of meetings.  Just contact us.
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